This is a reaction of the Romanian’s civil society against the potential massacre of singing birds, if the new hunting law will pass in the Parliament in the new form proposed at the end of February. Hunting on private fields without the consent of the owner, prolonging the hunting periods for 18 species of birds with up to 3 months and lifting all restrictions for the foreign bird hunters are among the most important modifications the politicians are trying to impose.

The initiators of the campaign are asking Romanians to join the action and sign a public petition to stop the law project and to send a strong message to the Parliament members saying that nature is important and the Romanians will not stand to see the songbirds decimated. So far more than 5,000 people have signed the public petition to stop the massacre of singing birds and the official Facebook account has reached more than 33.000 people with its messages. TV and radio stations across Romania sparked a national debate encouraging nature lovers to stop the bill that could kill the songbirds.

“Romania is the last country in the European Union that allows hunters to take down skylarks. The new law will start a massacre and we have unfortunate past experiences”, said Ovidiu Bufnilă, spokesman for Romanian Ornithological Society/BirdLife Romania.

Many of the songbirds will be killed so that their TONGUES ARE COOKED AND SERVED in restaurants all over the world.


Why would you care?

Songbirds travel from one country to another. If they are killed in Romania, this means that they won’t be travelling to other countries either, so that we all enjoy their delicate songs.

We can’t sing, but we can help.

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We need the whole world to stop this barbarian law!

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Why stop the Hunting Law from being adopted by the Parliament?

Because, as it is written right now, this law will allow A BARBARIAN MASSACRE AMONG SONGBIRDS and among various protected species. It’s impetuous that the whole text of the law is revised and it is also necessary that around 100 normative acts regarding the hunting domain are revised – they refer to hunting funds and organizing the hunting license exam.

Not every hunter is able to identify what species he is hunting – Specialists should be involved in the process of evaluation and in deciding the levels. Levels of hunted species should be correctly and transparently established because these levels are often bigger than the real number of exponents of those species.